How to install tunnel into the concrete.

Step 1

01 | Install tunnel on prepared sub base made from compressed gravel or concrete. Tunnel must be fixed horizontally with little slope in order to get rain water out.

Step 2

02 | Spray circle around the outside edge of tunnel. Diameter is approx. 20cm longer than total lengths of tunnel. Then start properly spreading medium-dry concrete around and under steel body of tunnel.

Step 3

03 | Concrete must be compacted by shovel around tunnel. Try to keep circle shape of the edge.

Step 4

04 | Thickness of concrete on upper part of tunnel must be min. 15cm. Upper iron frame of tunnel must not be visible.

Step 5

05 | At the end make concrete surface compact and smooth. Check generally shape and evenness of concrete body.

Step 6

06 | If final surface is EPDM then between the edge of iron tunnel entrance and concrete must remain gap approx. 3cm for proper ending of surface.