4soft offers several dedicated fountain designs. Many of our 3d Objects can be modified to be eqiped with water nozzle. We can also design a new fountain based on your specification.

Regardles what option you will choose to go with, our detailed installation manual will guide you through the installation process to complete to satisfy you and your costumer both.

Step 1

01 | Measure out the exact location of the future playground.Establish water connection ending no more than 2 m away from the playground area.

Step 2

02 | The water connection with minimum pressure of 3.5 bar shall end in a manhole of 400 x 400 cm minimum dimension with a ½” ball valve with discharge function (to discharge water before winter). Install the manhole in such height to make sure the manhole cover sits parallel with the surrounding ground.

Step 3

03 | Dig a trench from the manhole to the place where the water jet will be located. Place cable protector (50 mm diameter corrugated protective pipe, i.e. Kopoflex or similar make) and connect it to the manhole. Fill the trench and compact the surface. The cable protector should slope down slightly towards the manhole.

Step 4

04 | Finish the edging around the playground and install the groundworks and SBR base layer. The cable protector shall protrude about 15 cm above the final layer. SBR layer should be installed at required thickness when the surface is laid. Cut the cable protector in length to match the top of the SBR layer surface.

Step 5

05 | Push a ½” plastic PE pipe through the cable protector until it reaches the manhole. Adjust the length of the pipe roughly to make sure it protrudes approximately 20 cm long inside the manhole and about 80 cm at the playground end.

Step 6

06 | Just before installing the 3D element, remove the lid and the spray nozzle from the protective case.

Step 7

07 | Apply glue to where the play element is to be located and around the cable protector. ATTENTION! Do not apply glue inside the cable protector.

Step 8

08 | Before installing the 3D element in place, insert the PE pipe through the play element case first, then install the 3D play element to make sure the inner casing of the spray nozzle accurately matches the plastic cable protector.

Step 9

09 | On the 3D element end, screw on a ½” reducer with inner thread onto the PE pipe (A) and on the spray nozzle (B). Check if the connection is properly tightened.

Step 10

10 | Pull the pipe towards the manhole so that the nozzle can be connected to the metal casing inside the play element. Screw on the lid.

Step 11

11 | The spray nozzle connect to the metal casing inside the play element (A). Screw the lid (B).

Step 12

12 | Inside the manhole, cut the end of the PE pipe to the accurate length required, screw on the reducer (A) and connect it to the valve (B). Check for tightness and perform test.

Step 13

13 | The transport straps must be cut off before installing the EPDM layer.

Step 14

14 | Installation is finished. Lay the rest of the EPDM surface around the 3D play element.